The Advantages of Using SaaS in CRM

SaaS stands for Software as a Service, which is the utilizing of software over the Internet for a per user fee. When businesses begin to implement a program of Customer Relationship Management, they will likely also contemplate new software packages. Although expensive software packages can be purchased to be installed and used on each and every single terminal or server in a company, a more economical approach to obtaining and utilizing new software lies in the SaaS concept, in particular for smaller companies.

With SaaS, smaller and medium sized businesses are able to utilize corporation class software tools that they could not previously afford. Since the major software sellers are now hosting programs on their own servers that they personally maintain, they are now able to provide software that is identical to that purchased off of a computer store shelf at a significantly lower cost. This translates to affordable monthly payments rather than expensive upfront costs that commonly make a business owner think twice about a purchase.

A second significant advantage to utilizing the Software as a Service concept in customer relationship management is the ability to operate a business for a lesser expense via eliminating the large office. Once upon a time, every employee was required to sit in an office at a desk and receive and make calls while working on a desk top PC that was hard wired to the company server. These days, because of the concept of SaaS, a greater number of companies are making the transition away from these costly office spaces in favor of work at home settings. Not only does this save a company huge amounts of money, but is also benefits the environment, as well as the employee’s overall health. This is because of the fact that home based employees are able to sleep until 8:30 and then prepare themselves for the long day at the home office. With a quick log on to a desktop or laptop computer, they are ready to work. SaaS permits the new mantra of anytime, anywhere, anyone to be effectively realized where employees are concerned, eliminating the old borders of a business environment.

A third benefit to Software as a Service lies in the ability that it grants companies to tie together numerous physical business locations. The value of this to the many businesses with operations around the country and even the entire world can not be overstated. An ability to access and share real time data on multiple continents is a real revolution, particularly with all of the different time zones and locations performing at different hours and speeds. Prior to the rise of the SaaS concept, information created in one business day was commonly not accessible to anyone at another location until late that evening or sometimes the next day, after individual locations of servers had time to upload information changes to the central business computers. This proved to be a terrible inconvenience. Using SaaS, businesses are even capable of viewing their inventories and the movements of individual products and purchases around the company in real time. An owner or manager is able to see what is happening with the business even when he or she is vacationing on a remote beach in Hawaii.

A final advantage to utilizing SaaS in CRM lies in the fact that companies are only required to pay for the elements that they need. This is simply explained. If an enterprise only requires a software program for two users, then it will only have to pay for this. This is true with features, as well. Once upon a time, companies bought a software package to use as few as one or two features that they needed within the package’s wide array of choices. Today’s SaaS providers commonly offer various packages and even pay per feature arrangements so that a company only has to pay for program features that it needs, while still maintaining the option to move up to the next level package without any trouble, should it require advanced functions.

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