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Vendor Relationship Management

Vendor Relationship Management, also known by its acronym VRM, proves to be the inverse of Customer Relationship Management. Where CRM attempts to understand the complete needs of the customer, VRM operates under the goal of outlining the technologies, tools, and services that enable the customers to manage vendor relationships. Those vendors who work with these technologies, tools, and services gain the ability to develop superior relationships with their customers. Vendor Relationship Management has emerged to become a competitor with Customer Relationship

Enterprise Relationship Management

The world's economic markets are becoming closer integrated all the time. As a direct result of this, for any multinational corporation, competitive advantage grows more critical with each passing day. Maintaining a competitive advantage in the fast paced and dynamic international marketplace is not easy. It needs business enterprises to focus on a vast array of business partner and customer relationships. Enterprise relationship management, or ERM as it is often known, is the business strategy which integrates all data relevant